Marriott Geotechnical Drilling (MGeoD) provides high quality specialist geotechnical and geo-environmental drilling and site investigation services both in the UK and overseas for clients in diverse sectors such as construction, transportation, infrastructure, nuclear facilities, dams, quarrying, minerals, mining, tunnelling, renewable energy and the environment.

MGeoD offers a range of drilling techniques with a particular focus on the provision of high-quality core samples using the Geobore S system. Other services include in-situ testing such as SPT’s, packer testing, pump testing, dilatometer testing and downhole installations such as piezometers, inclinometers and extensometers. MGeoD also works with other parts of the Marriott Drilling Group where an integrated drilling services package is required by our clients. The services of MGeoD complement the deep coring and testing work that the Marriott Drilling Group carries out for mining, deep geoscience investigations and geological research in the UK and overseas.