Marriott was established over 75 years ago in 1947 by the Marriott family as a specialist service for the construction of groundwater abstraction wells and investigation boreholes for coal deposit evaluation. The cable tool (percussion) drilling technique, which was normal for the time, was used during the early development of the business advancing to the use of top drive rotary technology in the early 1970s when hydraulic rigs were introduced into the industry. The period from 1980 to 1990 was characterised by significant investment in new drilling plant and associated equipment to exploit contracts offered by oil and gas customers, water companies and major industries. Since 2000, further investment has given the company the additional capability to provide high capacity and the latest technology drilling equipment for the deep drilling industry and the water sector.

Today a professional team of business, financial and technical managers together with dedicated team of engineering, technical and QHSE specialists provide the professional support required to fulfil the needs of a wide variety of clients in the geothermal, water, mining, oil, gas, gas storage and geoscientific industries worldwide. Marriott can provide integrated service solutions whereby Marriott provides the overall project management including all support services.

The Company is actively involved in developing complete drilling and services package solutions for long term contracts both in the United Kingdom, Europe and in selected locations internationally and working in alliances and partnerships with customers for long term strategic projects. The majority of current operations are in the non-hydrocarbon industries.

The Company’s primary objective is growth through further participation in upstream exploration and development and by continuing to increase the size of its rig fleet and portfolio of services it can offer embracing the latest technology. Marriott aims to become one of the leading specialist service providers both in the Europe and in selected markets overseas.