Marriott Drills Challenging Geothermal Wells In Kenya And Guatemala

21st March 2019

Marriott Drilling Africa Limited, a subsidiary within the Marriott Drilling Group, recently completed a successful, yet challenging, geothermal development project in the Rift Valley of Kenya, East Africa. A further two wells will be drilled towards the end of 2019.

The project carried out over the last three years is part of Phase III of the Kenyan geothermal development programme near Olkaria in the Rift Valley. Marriott has drilled nine wells to depths up to 7164 ft (2183 m). Most of the wells have been deviated up to inclinations of about 30  deg. Five workovers have also been carried out in these challenging, high temperature wells which have proven to be very productive and some of the best geothermal wells in East Africa.

Olkaria III is a 92 MW geothermal complex located in Naivasha, Kenya is the first privately funded and developed geothermal project in Africa. Geothermal projects avoid the need to import fossil fuels and instead utilise a locally available resource which will improve Kenya’s power supply.

Marriott has also drilled and worked over a number of high temperature geothermal wells recently in Guatemala.