Marriott Commence Operations in Bolivia

21st May 2019

PR MARRIOTT DRILLING LTD (SUCURSAL BOLIVIA) has been presence in South America since March 2018 and started operations in Bolivia in January 2019.

Our main client in Bolivia is the National Oil Company, YPFB, and we currently have two year contract for operation and maintenance of three drilling rigs, which are 1000 HP, 1500 HP and 2000 HP. All of the rigs are new technology AC VFD, with top drives, high pressure mud pumps and 10K BOPE.

The rigs are involved in important campaigns to increase oil and gas production. The projects are always challenging the standards and quality of our services due to the complexity of the operations.

We will be drilling wells up to 16 000 ft (almost 5000 m), some of the wells require a high degree of directional drilling. The wells are located North and South East of Santa Cruz de la Sierra.

The operations in Bolivia demand a labour force of more than 200 employees, 99% of which are Nationals.

In the short period PR MARRIOTT DRILLING LTD (SUCURSAL BOLIVIA), has been operating, we have already been awarded for our excellent performance and safety record.